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Yoga Mats

Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions provide one-on-one attention. Medical research is proving that yoga can be an extremely helpful modality for improving physical, mental and spiritual health. But not everyone can be or wants to be in a class environment. Sessions are available in person or on-line via zoom.  A private session with one of our qualified instructors at at The Yoga Place in Ephrata may be the perfect solution!

Private Yoga Sessions Are Great For:

  • Those wanting detailed yoga instruction for alignment and safety in poses.

  • One on one attention making the yoga specific to the persons needs and conditions.

  • For those with limiting conditions that make a yoga class too challenging.

  • Chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

  • Coming back from an injury or surgery.

  • Helping children with anxiety and concentration.


Note that all private sessions must be scheduled through the studio by calling 717-336-5299. Prices vary for services. 

Click here for cost of sessions.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

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