Class Descriptions

Yoga is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your body type is, what your personal goals are or what your current fitness level is. The most common benefits of yoga are increased flexibility, improved strength and greater peace of mind.Yoga Classes near Lancaster PA

At The Yoga Place we have a variety of classes that can suit your needs, from beginner to advanced. If you are brand new to yoga and have no physical limitations we suggest you begin with the Hatha Yoga Classes. If you have physical limitations such as chronic pain, excess weight, arthritis, or have been inactive for a long time you may want to start with Relax and Restore, Yin or Gentle Yoga. If you have taken yoga before please feel free to join any of the classes. Just drop in and try a free class!

Classes are ongoing so you can sign up at anytime. You are invited to discover for yourself the wonderful benefits of yoga.

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Beginner – Gentle Classes

Relax and Restore: A restorative style of yoga for all ages and all body types. This class will teach you how to release tension stored in the spine and muscles of the body. You will learn to relax in a way that is healing from the inside out. This class is wonderful for all levels of fitness but especially beneficial to those who suffer from chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, low back pain and injuries. The poses are supported and held longer in order for the body to relax and let go of tension. Learn to relax, release and restore your body to a healthier state. Class includes guided imagery and deep relaxation. Excellent class for beginners.

Gentle Yoga: A form of hatha yoga that is easy to follow, slower paced and accessible to people of all sizes, ages and fitness levels. Learn the fundamental concepts found in all styles of yoga; deep breathing, rejuvenating body stretches, stress reduction and relaxation. This is a great class for beginners or those who jprefer a gentler class.

Peaceful Yoga: Deep breathing, gentle stretching, guided imagery and meditation are used to cultivate a sense of peace and calm in both your body and mind. This is an excellent class for individuals dealing with anxiety, depression or high levels of stress.  The poses will be very easy to follow so beginners are welcome. 

Flexible Strength – Beginner: This is a modified version of our Flexible Strength for those with limitations or recovering from surgery or injury. All of the same concepts of building bone density, increasing strength, toning muscles, and improving balance. We use yoga balls, bands, tubes, and hand weights to strengthen the major muscle groups of the legs, arms and core. Class is open to all levels and modifications will be provided. This is a fun way to build strength and improve flexibility.

Intermediate to Advanced

Flow to Slow: This one-hour class offers a balance of movement and relaxation opening with a creatively sequenced flow of basic to optional challenging poses that drift into restorative postures. Appropriate for all-levels, this class focuses on breath, awareness, movement, and stillness intended to connect to the calm center where clarity, peace, and love flow.

Hatha Level I: Our most popular class includes flexibility, strength and balance postures with an emphasis on deep breathing and relaxation techniques for decreasing stress. A well rounded class, that is appropriate for all levels. Class includes sun salutations. We recommend this class for beginners with no physical limitation.

Hatha Level II:  Hatha Level II is a more advanced version of our Hatha I classes.  Sun Salutations are used to create heat and build stamina and intermediate to advanced poses such as arm balances, inversions, and full back bends are offered.   No experience is required but not recommended for those with painful physical limitation.

Flexible Strength – Advanced: Strength training builds bone density, increases strength, tones muscles, increases circulation and improves flexibility. Using yoga balls, bands, tubes, and hand weights you will strengthen the major muscle groups of the legs, arms and core. Class is open to all levels (not recommended for those with painful physical limitations)  and modifications will be provided. This is a fun way to build strength and improve flexibility.


Specialty Classes

Prenatal: A moment for mother and baby to deeply connect in a calm body and peaceful place. Be guided through safe yoga postures specific to the journey of pregnancy. Relaxation techniques and breathing exercises are practiced to prepare the mind and body for labor and parenting. Beneficial for every stage of pregnancy. Modifications are offered to meet individual needs. A brief talk about a pregnancy/parenting topic is shared for learning and discussing in a safe and supportive space.

Child & Me Yoga: A playful practice for caregivers and young children (ages 1-5) to enjoy moving, singing, imagining, creating and connecting in a peaceful place

Mindfulness Meditation: Mindfulness Meditation is the experience of becoming fully present in an intentional way without judgment. Through the practice of mindfulness we can learn to become more relaxed and accepting of others and ourselves. It is especially helpful for anxiety and depression. Each class will consist of a brief lecture followed by mindfulness techniques such as body scans, relaxation and seated meditation. No prior experience is required and instruction will be provided for new people.

 Tai Chi: Tai Chi consists of fluid, gentle and graceful movement, done in a relaxed, slow way. Breathing is deepened and slowed, relaxing the body and allowing the life force Qi (pronounced chee, a life energy inside the body) to flow freely throughout the body. The health benefits are extensive including lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress and anxiety. The Tai Chi that will be taught is an easy to learn form of Tai Chi consisting of nine movements. Tai Chi needs no special knowledge or training to learn, requires no special equipment or clothing, can be done anywhere either sitting, standing or moving, and can be practiced by everyone regardless of age or health. Join us for a fun filled course that can teach you how to move in a relaxed way and improve your health. Wear comfortable clothing. No mat needed.

Qi Gong: Uses posture, breath, mind focus and gentle movements to develop an awareness of the inner life force (“Qi”) in our bodies, and to integrate this awareness with the mind to create better balance between both mind and body. Qigong guides our “Qi” towards the improvement of health and wellbeing. A sense of inner peace may be felt as the body moves rhythmically, while breathing more deeply, bringing mind and body into better balance and unleashing the body’s own self-healing capacities. Join Kathy Brubaker, certified Qigong and Tai Chi Easy teacher, for an hour of qigong practice followed by fifteen minutes of meditation/relaxation.