Yoga Therapy

Private Yoga Sessions for One on One Attention

Medical research is proving that yoga can be an extremely helpful modality for improving physical, mental and spiritual health.  But not everyone can be or wants to be in a class environment. A one on one session with one of our qualified instructors may be the perfect solution!







Private yoga sessions are great for:

  • Those wanting detailed yoga instruction for alignment and safety in poses.
  • One on one attention making the yoga specific to the persons needs and conditions.
  • For those with limiting conditions that make a yoga class too challenging.
  • Chronic pain, anxiety and depression.
  • Coming back from an injury or surgery.
  • Helping children with anxiety and concentration.

All private sessions must be scheduled through the studio by calling 717-336-5299.  Prices vary for services.  Click here for cost of sessions.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is a healing practice that treats the body holistically, embracing the idea of both physical and psychological well-being. Yoga therapy is offered one-on-one in a private setting with a trained and qualified yoga instructor. Yoga therapists are certified yoga teachers with additional training in therapeutic yoga techniques.







It’s been validated in research to be a helpful tool in the management of addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), high blood pressure, scoliosis, and insomnia. It is particularly appropriate for many chronic conditions that are aggravated by stress such as anxiety, depression and chronic pain that persists despite conventional medical treatment.
Yoga Therapy is for anyone who desires to use yoga as a way to improve the quality of his or her life physically, mentally or spiritually. It is not a substitute for medical care but rather a therapeutic approach that supports or enhances many conventional medical treatments. It can be applied to every person of any age, regardless of his or her condition or limitations.
During the initial consultation an assessment is taken to identify health problems, assess lifestyle and physical capability, discuss goals of the client and the course of treatment. Most Yoga Therapy Sessions include breathing exercises, instruction of physical postures (asana), relaxation and meditation. The yoga techniques chosen are specific to the needs of the client.
A typical session could be something as simple as learning to perform yoga poses safely with modifications for limitations or receiving specific poses for back pain. The frequency of sessions varies depending on the needs of the client. Homework may also be given since an important element for any yoga practice is to find a way to incorporate it into daily life. Yoga therapists provide instructions on how to use what has been learned in treatment at home. Schedule a yoga therapy session today and begin the journey towards a healthier stress free life!
For more information about Yoga Therapy please contact The Yoga Place at 717-336-5299



Regina is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher. Advanced fields of study include anatomy and physiology, classical yoga and psychology, yoga techniques, teaching skills, sequencing for special populations and professional ethics. Regina graduated from the Yogalife Institute in 2013 with her teacher-training certificate and is in the process of completing her yoga therapy certification thus earning her 1000 hours of yoga certification.
Regina came to yoga 10 years ago after her diagnosis of cancer. Not wanting to be in the gym scene anymore, she found yoga to be the answer to finding a safe space to become aware of what was going on within while moving her body in a more gentle fashion.
She has since come to realize that for her and most of the population, we live in a constant state of fight or flight, which can be so detrimental to our mind and bodies. She now understands, through yoga therapy, it is much better to be in the rest and digest system. That part of our body where we slow down and allow all systems to function as they were made to function.
She has learned that all the answers we need for our own lives are within us and is very passionate at helping other people to discover that path as well. She enjoys learning about both the mind and body and applying that in her teaching. Her faith is very important to her and guides her life. She enjoys working with people of all ages.
Regina has been working with cancer patients as a Radiation Therapist for the last 32 years and teaches yoga part-time.
You can sign up for a private session with Regina by calling 717-336-5299.  You may pay for session in advance on line but you can not schedule online.  You must schedule appointments with the yoga instructor directly.  Most sessions are one hour in length.


Kim Gockley is a registered nurse and a registered yoga teacher (RYT-500) with the Yoga Alliance. She is currently pursuing a certification in comprehensive yoga therapy.
Kim has worked as a nurse in the school setting for the past nine years and has been teaching yoga in both traditional and special needs classrooms for the past 6 years.
In addition to working with children with anxiety and attention challenges, Kim has a passion for helping all ages to find wellness and healing through yoga therapy. Kim specializes in helping individuals recover from injuries, manage chronic illness or pain, or learn how to navigate life’s challenges. Kim has a calm and compassionate approach to whole-person health, and she is dedicated to working with you to find a comfortable balance between traditional western medicine and the therapeutic yogic path.
You can sign up for a private session with Kim by calling 717-336-5299.  You may pay for session in advance on line but you can not schedule online.  You must schedule appointments with the yoga instructor directly.  Most sessions are one hour in length.