About the Studio


Style of Yoga Offered

We are a classical hatha Yoga studio practicing the foundational aspects  of yoga which include: asanas (poses), breathing exercises, relaxation, meditation and some philosophy.   Each  Instructor teaches from their preferred style of training.  All of our instructors are trained and certified and are focused on teaching yoga safely and appropriately to each student.  A beginner is always welcome!  Please visit our instructor page to learn more.


Services Available at The Yoga Place

  • Over 20 classes a week available in class cards or individual classes.
  • Private yoga classes for those looking for one-on-one attention.
  • Yoga therapy for those with chronic pain, special needs or seeking education or healing through the techniques and philosophy of Yoga.
  • Tai Chi Classes.
  • Life Coaching
  • Workshops and Special Events
  • A retail store which contains an assortment of yoga props and a unique selection of books, CD’s, DVD’s and other exclusive gifts.


Payment of Classes

Our classes are offered as class packages, or individual sessions.  We welcome cash, checks, and credit cards.


Studio Owner

Suzanne Accardo is the owner and director of The Yoga Place.  She is a registered member of Yoga Alliance, holds a Yoga teacher certification from Yoga Life Institute, Wayne, Pa. and is a certified Life Coach with the International Coach Academy (ICA).  Suzanne graduated from Boston University with a Master’s Degree in Education and has worked as a Family Life Educator.